Channels are content categories that you can deploy to help the user recognize common content. For example, you could create a channel and host all training modules within. You can think of channels as folders that can host subfolders (or modules).

When you log in to (and if you have admin/channel manager rights), you will see content in the left menu bar. 

Click on Content in the dashboard of the app. You will find 4 options:

  1. Channels
  2. Modules
  3. Sub-Channel
  4. Quiz Bank


To create a new channel, Click on New channel

You will now navigate to the new channel page. Fill details into all the fields to create a New Channel. The fields that need to be filled with details are:

  • Channel Name (Mandatory)
  • Channel Tags – These help in search function; a user can search channel by the tags that you give here (Optional, but, helps the end-user search/reach for the content easily)
  • Channel Description (Optional)
  • Channel Manager – Channel manager can add or edit the content to this particular channel
  • Channel Image and click on Save